[Futa] 斬穿姫エクスエル (Zansenki Exuer)

斬穿姫エクスエル (Zansenki Exuer) is a futanari hentai game currently in production (as of writing), set to release this year.

Update: The game has finally been released, and I have started working on translating parts of it. However, due to bugs and other things, I will need to wait until a few updates have been rolled out to translate at full speed. I apologize for any disappointment, and I will endeavor to get the game out as soon as possible once the bugs have been ironed out.

Translation of the trial/demo version is now available for download here: 斬穿姫エクスエル (Zansenki Exuer)

斬穿姫エクスエル (Zansenki Exuer) Futanari Hentai Game Download

Doujin creator, GapTax is currently developing it, while posting monthly updates over on their Ci-en account. They’ve also released a demo version of 斬穿姫エクスエル (Zansenki Exuer) containing a surprisingly large number of hentai scenes and CGs.

Below are translations, I’ve done myself, of the DLsite page.


In the city-state of Dimaat, transforming superheroine Exeur, fights against the Vienis syndicate and their minions.

During the battle, Exuer is turned into a futanari by one of the leaders of Vienis, Queen Dina.

Will she be able to emerge victorious against Vienis, and return her body to normal? Or…

GapTax 斬穿姫エクスエル Futanari Superheroine Hentai Game Download

Official Game Introduction

In this futanari ero-RPG, you control the main heroine Lin, who transforms into Exuer.

Gathering information, defeating Queen Dina and her minions, and eliminating the Vienis threat are the main objectives.

Being defeated by a minion will trigger an ero-event (hentai scene),

ero-events are also triggered with people Rin is close to, or people she just so happens to meet, depending on her actions.

The game uses a normal RPG system, but also includes the following systems:

1) Erect/Erection

When Rin becomes a futanari, she also becomes aroused by other women.

When her levels of arousal reach their peak, she will get an erection, even while walking in town.

2) Information Gathering

The minions of Vienis normally act in the shadows, so you don’t know where they are.

However, people in the city know about incidents caused by the minions, so you can gather that information to track them down.

3) “Material” (オカズ)

斬穿姫エクスエル GapTax Futanari superheroine hentai game download
The “material” list from the trial version.
“Melissa’s breasts are so big… Even when they’re covered up, look so big and soft…”

Things that Lin sees, or experiences, are registered onto a list, along with her impressions, and can be reviewed at any time.

4) Defeat by Ejaculation

During battles with minions, certain situations can result in erections.

The minions will use these openings to restrain Rin and “attack”.

If she ejaculates three times, she will be defeated.

(For the most part, being defeated won’t result in a game over.)

斬穿姫エクスエル GapTax Futanari Superheroine Hentai Game Download

5) Mask Selection

Exuer’s full face-mask can be toggled, on or off, freely.

Toggling it off will allow you to see Rin’s expressions, and CGs will also be affected by the setting.

Game Specifications

  • There are more than 40 basic ero-CGs, plus modified CGs (expressions, etc.), as well as many ero-scenes.

4 CGs feature reverse anal scenes between Lin and a young man. These scenes are not story-centric. Before these scenes, there will be a warning message allowing you to avoid them. 

  • Background voices.
    (Not fully voice-acted)
  • Scene replay room.
  • System that records the number/volume of ejaculations.

This game is made with RPG Maker MV. 
Please confirm the game works on your system via the trial version.


Game files may be replaced for bug fixes. 

Moreover, save data from the trial version cannot be used in the main game.

Special Thanks

Human walking dot animations/ Nenokuni Studio – Urase Higata-sama (浦瀬ヒガタ様)

Main Theme/Battle Theme/ Tuna Sashimi (まぐろのおさしみ) – Shade-sama (Shade様)

Exuer (Lin) background voices/ Ryouki Rou-sama (涼貴涼様)

斬穿姫エクスエル (Zansenki Exuer) Release Date

On DLsite, 斬穿姫エクスエル (Zansenki Exuer) is listed for a December 2020 release date. Over on Ci-en, GapTax, the developer, stated this was due to limitations on DLsite and they plan to release it before then.

Update: the game is out now, and I shall begin translating it soon.

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GapTax Futanari Superheroine Hentai Game Download

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