[RR] 毎日がM! (Every day is M!)

毎日がM! (Every day is M!) is a visual novel-style game created by アトリエかぐや (Atelier Kaguya). Atelier Kaguya is a professional hentai game studio that has developed many games over the years.

毎日がM! (Every day is M!) hentai game download
毎日がM! (Every day is M!) is a great hentai game if you like femdom/M-oriented stuff.

毎日がM! (Every day is M!) features a wide range of M/femdom-oriented situations with high-quality hentai CGs, and voice acting, one would expect from a professional studio.

For fans of M-oriented, or femdom, content, 毎日がM! (Every day is M!) is a must-have and highly recommended.

Hentai CGs and Content

As 毎日がM! (Every day is M!) is in a visual novel format, there is little to be said in regards to gameplay; simply text with the occasional decision to change routes/scenes. 

The main draw of this game is its hentai scenes and CGs. It covers a decent range of situations that fans of femdom/M-oriented content will be able to enjoy. 

General fetishes

毎日がM! (Every day is M!) has a heavy focus on SPH and humiliation. Many of the hentai scenes and CGs feature multiple girls on one guy, generally CFNM. 

毎日がM! (Every day is M!) hentai game download

One of the routes focuses on general public humiliation by a rather strong-willed girl, which builds into RR at the end. 

Another route focuses on cross-dressing (male to female), and verbal humiliation, building up to castration at the end by an intellectual-type girl. Don’t worry, there is nothing graphic, so even someone who doesn’t typically enjoy that can still appreciate it.

毎日がM! (Every day is M!) hentai game download

The final route focuses on an energetic and kind girl who tries to be sweet and have “fun” with the main character, which often results in humiliating him. The route builds into non-M/femdom hentai scenes towards the end.

Each route has an additional character that “competes” with the main three girls to see who can humiliate the main character the best. Personally, I like these characters more than the main heroines, but that’s just me.

毎日がM! (Every day is M!) hentai game download

The game covers more than enough bases that it can become an excellent addition to almost anyone’s hentai game library.

Where to get it

It’s a rather old game, released in 2013, so it’s no longer possible to find an active torrent to download for 毎日がM! (Every day is M!). 

As with most other hentai games, it’s available through DLsite and, thanks to their discounts/coupons, the game can usually be acquired for a very fair price.

毎日がM! (Every day is M!) hentai game download

If you’re a fan of femdom/M-oriented stuff, you definitely need to get yourself a copy.

If these kinds of hentai games interest you, or you’d like to see other genres, let me know in the comments below!

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