askot, a Doujin Hentai Game Developer

askot is a doujin hentai game developer, primarily operating through DLsite, who has created several games, to date.

The majority of their games focus on femdom/M themes, though there are some seduction/honeytrap ones, too.

askot seduction succubus hentai manga download

They are most famous for their Level Drain series, hentai games where the player can exchange, or lose, their level in exchange for an H-scene.

Their three Level Drain games, as well as their spin-off game, sold many copies and have ratings sitting above four stars.

Unfortunately, it seems they were never able to have a game that exceeded 1000 sales since their spin-off Level Drain title.

askot did, however, manage to break 1000 sales with a manga they released on December 31, 2018, titled サキュバス合同誌. A joint project with 12 different artists over 80 pages.
It has managed to sell 1079 copies, to date, and has a user review score of 4.44/5.00.
At that point, it had been a year and eight months since a product had sold over 1000 units. The previous product being a Level Drain game.

askot Level Drain Hentai Games 


The first-ever Level Drain hentai game released by askot was their debut game, レベルドレイン~レベルを吸われるためのレベル上げ~, on July 30, 2014. 

askot Level Drain hentai game download

The game currently has a user rating of 4.25/5.00, and has sold 2822 copies to date. For a debut product, it was very successful.

The game featured two main heroines, plus an additional character, who had hentai scenes.

To view the main hentai content, the player needed to go out, kill monsters, and raise their level. They could then offer up their level in exchange for a hentai scene. Higher levels meant more hentai scene variety.

The game did, however, have a “correct” sequence of hentai scenes a player had to go through to unlock the happy ending. This resulted in some players having to sit through scenes that didn’t appeal to them to get the ending.

The game also lacked variety in terms of the heroines. There were only two main heroines, plus an additional character, which may have limited the potential of the game. 

The game did, however, receive an award from DLsite for achieving 4th rank, on the 24-hour ranking, on its release date.


Following their first game, on March 1, 2015, askot released their second game, レベルドレイン2~尻尾に吸われるためのレベル上げ~.

Another Level Drain game with femdom/M themed hentai scenes. 

askot Level Drain 2 hentai game download

Unlike their previous game, it featured many more characters that the player could choose from, resulting in more hentai content variety.

Many of the hentai scenes involve tails, though there are plenty of other scenes available.

The game has 25 hentai scenes, of which the CGs were drawn by eight different artists, though around a quarter of them were done by one. This resulted in a rather inconsistent art style, though the Monmusu/Monster Girl games were also like this.

Their next game also features a large number of artists, covering a wide range of art styles.


The third Level Drain hentai game created by askot was レベルドレイン3~魔王に吸われるためのレベル上げ~. Released on May 1, 2016, the game sold roughly the same amount as their previous two games, though it received a higher user score.

askot level drain hentai game download

The game features considerably more hentai scenes, around double that of the previous game, drawn by many more artists, all fully-voiced.
The game had more focus on the RPG/gameplay aspects, featuring a skill points system and a wider range of equipment. As with their previous two games, however, it is possible to max out your level from the start and access all of the hentai scenes.

Within the game, there is a location/city called “Striptease”. A location with shops reflective of its name.
In the third game, there was not too much content in this area. In their spin-off title, however, which they referred to as a fan disk, the area was greatly expanded.

How to support askot

As with many Japanese doujin developers, askot distributes their products on DLsite. 

They also have a Ci-en page, an official blog, an official Twitter, and even a Pixiv account. 

Official Blog

If you are a fan of their games, follow them on Twitter and Pixiv, and be sure to check out their DLsite page.

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