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煩悩ストラテジ, Doujin Hentai Game and Voice Creator

煩悩ストラテジ (Bon-no Strategy) is a doujin developer that creates both voice/audio products, as well as hentai games. Almost all of their products are femdom/M themed, with many of them involving NTR/netorare, findom/financial domination, and seduction, with some otokonoko content mixed in.  Though the majority of their products are hentai voice/audio, the first product they ever […]

askot, a Doujin Hentai Game Developer

askot is a doujin hentai game developer, primarily operating through DLsite, who has created several games, to date. The majority of their games focus on femdom/M themes, though there are some seduction/honeytrap ones, too. They are most famous for their Level Drain series, hentai games where the player can exchange, or lose, their level in […]

秘密結社ヴァニタス, Doujin Hentai CG/Manga Specialist

秘密結社ヴァニタス (Himitsu Kessha Vanitas/Secret Society Vanitas) is a doujin creator that specializes in the creation of hentai CG sets. Their products feature high-quality artwork, fit for purpose. On 23 August, 2016, 秘密結社ヴァニタス released their first hentai CG set titled 愛の戦士ハニーラブ チ○ポに堕つ. It’s currently sitting at a user rating of 4.22/5.00, with 472 units sold, which […]

さーくるてくあ (CircleteckA), Doujin Hentai Game Developer

Update 5/13/2020: CircleteckA announced today that they would like to create a seduction themed game, as opposed to a BF/battle-fuck game, for their next project. さーくるてくあ (CircleteckA) is a doujin hentai game developer the primarily creates games in RPG format. Their games are only available over on DLsite. Their games generally feature a wide range […]

まぜ (Maze), Doujin Hentai Game Creator

まぜ (Maze) is a doujin hentai game developer, primarily distributing their products on DLsite. To date, they have only produced hentai games. まぜ (Maze) Hentai Games まぜ (Maze) made their first release on September 27, 2017, titled メイズ~使命と堕落の騎士~.  As with many earlier products by doujin creators, it received mixed reviews. Selling 529 copies, to date, […]

ワンドワンド (Wando Wando), Doujin Hentai Game Developer

ワンドワンド (Wando Wando) is a doujin hentai game developer, primarily publishing their games on DLsite. Their products, as of April 26th, 2020, have accumulative sales of 19,781 units. ワンドワンド (Wando Wando) released their first hentai game on DLsite, titled 封魔師チヅル, on July 18th, 2016. It received mixed feedback, selling fewer than 200 copies and user […]

GapTax; Doujin H-Game Developer

GapTax is an excellent doujin hentai game developer who primarily publishes their work online, through Japanese distributors. GapTax is a relatively new developer, having released their first game onDecember 29th, 2017. Meaning they have been active for just over two years. Despite this rather short timeframe, GapTax has released three games, to date, with a […]

ドライドリーム (Dry Dream), Doujin Hentai Game and Voice Developer

ドライドリーム (Dry Dream) is a doujin creator that distributes their products through online Japanese marketplaces, such as DLsite. They primarily create M/femdom hentai voice/audio products. Recently, however, they have started to develop hentai games of a similar nature. Their first release was a hentai voice product titled 腹黒彼女の甘い罠 on October 15, 2017. It tells the […]