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The Newest and Best Hentai

The following are the highest-ranking hentai content, by time range, on a single, bookmarkable page. There are five different ranking time scales:  Best hentai products within the last 24 hours Best hentai products within the last week Best hentai products within the last month Best hentai products of the year, and Best hentai products of […]

Japanese DLsite vs English DLsite

I have recommended several times in previous posts that you should purchase hentai through Japanese DLsite. In this short article, I’m going to measure Japanese DLsite vs English DLsite, and discuss the benefits of each. Japanese DLsite vs English DLsite: English DLsite The first benefit of using the English version of DLsite is it’s in […]

Lesbian Futa Hentai

Lesbian futa hentai is the holy grail for most fans of futanari hentai. It differs from futanari hentai, in general, for one simple reason; there are zero guys in it.  Guys may be in it somewhere, as background characters or plot devices, but they won’t be actively involved in the hentai scenes. In this article, […]

Buy Hentai Games/Eroge

It has never been easier to buy hentai games, or eroge. The original versions of them are purchasable through sites, such as DLsite. DLsite offers many discount coupons and sales throughout the year, plus points on every purchase made. They have the biggest doujin hentai collection on the Internet.Click on the image above to head […]

How to register, navigate, and buy games on Japanese DLsite

Throughout this website, there have been several cases where I have said to purchase games through Japanese DLsite, as opposed to the English/non-Japanese versions. Why purchase through Japanese DLsite?  When you purchase games through the Japanese version of DLsite, you are given multiple forms of discounts.  One example is the coupons that are frequently distributed […]