excess m, a Doujin Hentai Manga and Game Creator

excess m (artist name: なめジョン) has been creating doujin hentai manga, and games for around a decade.

Their manga and games consist almost entirely of femdom/M themed content.

excessm femdom shota oneshota hentai manga download

excess m released their first product, a manga titled 雑魚圏, on October 16, 2009. It was a short femdom/M hentai manga featuring underlings (or, trash mobs/zako/雑魚). 

To date, it has managed to sell 1,744 copies, making it a relatively successful debut product. It received a user review score of 4.14/5.00, with several reviews praising its value. 雑魚圏 costs 220 yen, though you can get 20 points back after purchase, effectively making it 200 yen ( around 2 USD).

Almost a year and a half later, on March 5, 2011, excess m released a sequel, titled 雑魚圏2

It received a similar reception, selling 1,697 copies to date, and has received a review score of 4.19/5.00. This time, however, no reviews were praising it for its value, priced at 660 yen, with a points refund of 60.

After this, excess m began developing hentai games. Many of their games feature the same characters as their hentai manga, with additions.

王様はおねショタの夢を見る and [おねショタACT] 狩人の夢守る旅

The first two games excess m created were 王様はおねショタの夢を見る and [おねショタACT] 狩人の夢守る旅. 

Both of the games followed the same theme as the hentai manga that came before them, femdom/M, though these games also had some reverse ryona content.

excessm femdom reverse ryona shota oneshota hentai game download

The first game excess m released was 王様はおねショタの夢を見る, on November 24, 2012. It features a wide range of enemies, with some voice acting, that are fully animated with some ero/h-attacks.

It was hugely successful, selling 12,809 copies to date, receiving a user review score of 4.48/5.00. 

excessm femdom reverse ryona shota oneshota hentai game download

After, on August 3, 2013, they released a spin-off, titled [おねショタACT] 狩人の夢守る旅. The game was very similar to their previous game, aside from some differences in combat, and costing almost half the price. 

To date, it has managed to sell 9,154 copies, receiving a user score of 4.49/5.00, making it another successful title.

Following the incredible success of these two games, excess m proceeded to create many hentai manga, following the same genre, one or two of which were animated digital novels/mini-games.

Around three years after their last, full, game release, excess m started releasing hentai games again.

おねショタ剣戟ACT パレードバスター

おねショタ剣戟ACT パレードバスター was the first game excess m released after three years.

It used a completely different system to their previous games, though still had the same high-quality artwork and animations.

Released on October 1, 2016, おねショタ剣戟ACT パレードバスター was wildly successful, selling 17,326 copies with a user score of 4.66/5.00.

On October 17, 2016, they released a content update, adding in a new enemy, the Dark Witch, marking their first-ever free content update.

Following the incredible success of おねショタ剣戟ACT パレードバスター, excess m appeared to focus more of their time to creating hentai games.

おねショタACT スマッシュボーイ and おねショタA-RPG 夢から醒めた亡者

おねショタACT スマッシュボーイ and おねショタA-RPG 夢から醒めた亡者 are two more recent games by excess m.

They appear to use a different system to their previous game, both resembling their first two games, using an action-combat system.

おねショタACT スマッシュボーイ was released on August 4, 2018. 

It played similarly to excess m’s first two games, though it had higher-quality artwork/visuals, including the ability to zoom in during h-scenes/animations. 

It was also their first-ever game to feature a seduction scene that did not involve combat.

On DLsite, おねショタACT スマッシュボーイ has sold 9,897 copies, to date, receiving a user review score of 4.62/5.00. Making it very successful, however, the game was also released on Steam. 

The Steam version was censored, but there was a patch to remove this that could be purchased from DLsite. To date, 114 copies of this patch have sold, which results in a combined total sales figure of 10,011‬. 

おねショタA-RPG 夢から醒めた亡者 is the most recent excess m hentai game, released on October 19, 2019. It plays almost identically to their previous game, though it follows a fantasy setting, and has also received free content updates since its release.

To date, it has sold 10,646 copies, receiving an amazing user review score of 4.73/5.00, making it one of the highest-rated products on DLsite – the overwhelming majority of products rated higher, do not have anywhere near as many total reviews (for example, some products only have 4, or 5, reviews giving them a 5-star rating). 

「廻るハゴコロ」, Upcoming Hentai Game by excess m

excess m are currently working on a new hentai game, titled 「廻るハゴコロ」, scheduled for a released between 2020 and 2021.
Unlike some of their previous games, which used the RPG Wolf engine, 「廻るハゴコロ」 is being developed using the Unity engine.

According to their Ci-en page, 「廻るハゴコロ」will play in a very similar way to their most popular game, おねショタ剣戟ACT パレードバスター.

excess m has already created several animations, or h-scenes, that can be seen over on their Ci-en page, for free.

How to Support excess m

If you enjoy content by excess m, be sure to support them through the links below. 

DLsite Page




Official Homepage

On the official homepage, you can find a free hentai game called はじめてのカジノ featuring a small number of hentai scenes/animations to enjoy.

excess m also frequently release free hentai CGs/manga over on their Pixiv page, so be sure to take a look!

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