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GapTax is an excellent doujin hentai game developer who primarily publishes their work online, through Japanese distributors.

GapTax is a relatively new developer, having released their first game on
December 29th, 2017. Meaning they have been active for just over two years.

Despite this rather short timeframe, GapTax has released three games, to date, with a fourth game on the way.

Their games cover a decent range of tastes, including NTR (netorare) and futanari.

They are currently registered on Ci-en, and describe their games as follows (translations added):

(My favorite situations roughly fall into the following:)
(Strong women with great bodies being humiliated)
(I intend to create ero-RPGs with a heavy focus on these categories)
(At present, I am currently developing a futanari product)

The futanari product being developed being 斬穿姫エクスエル (Zansenki Exuer), which is expected to be released later this year.

GapTax has already released three other games, all three of which fall into the categories outlined above, and they all feature the same, amazing, art-style throughout.

Agent Leona (エージェントレオナ)

Agent Leona (エージェントレオナ) was the first game GapTax developed, and released on DLsite. It features a strong woman, with a great body, being humiliated. 

GapTax Agent Leona (エージェントレオナ) Hentai Game Download

The hentai scenes, or h-scenes, include: gangbang, mixed bathing, and sexy photoshoots. 

To date, it has sold over 2500 copies and has a high review score. For their first game, it was very successful. 

Female Knight Rasia (女騎士ラーシャ~淫靡なる肉棒の呪い~)

Female Knight Rasia (女騎士ラーシャ~淫靡なる肉棒の呪い~) was the second game released by GapTax back in June of 2018. 

The game follows a knight who is made into a futanari. She is put into many lewd situations during her quest to free herself of the curse.

GapTax Female Knight Rasia (女騎士ラーシャ~淫靡なる肉棒の呪い~) Hentai Game Download

The game sold over 1800 copies, less than the previous game, but is currently sitting at a higher review score.

GapTax identified, in one of their Ci-en posts, that in their newest game, 斬穿姫エクスエル (Zansenki Exuer), they plan to add more Futa x girl scenes than there were in Rasia.

Raiohgar: Asuka and the King of Steel (爆災雷鋼ライオウガー)

Raiohgar: Asuka and the King of Steel (爆災雷鋼ライオウガー) is GapTax’s most successful game to-date. Selling over 6000 copies on DLsite alone, and is currently being translated for a Steam release.

GapTax Raiohgar: Asuka and the King of Steel (爆災雷鋼ライオウガー) Hentai Game Download

Raiohgar: Asuka and the King of Steel (爆災雷鋼ライオウガー)

Not only has Raiohgar: Asuka and the King of Steel (爆災雷鋼ライオウガー) sold more copies than both previous games combined, it also has a higher review score.

Initially released on February 22nd, 2020, Raiohgar: Asuka and the King of Steel (爆災雷鋼ライオウガー) has received constant bug fixes and content updates. The most recent content update was on February 1st, 2020; about 2-3 months ago.

Raiohgar: Asuka and the King of Steel (爆災雷鋼ライオウガー) was GapTax’s first, of hopefully many more to come, successes and is the only game to receive content updates (all games have received bug fixes, though).

斬穿姫エクスエル (Zansenki Exuer)

斬穿姫エクスエル (Zansenki Exuer) is GapTax’s most recent game, currently in development, expected to be released later this year.

斬穿姫エクスエル (Zansenki Exuer) Hentai Game Download

On July 29th 2019, GapTax was able to post a key visual/cover image for 斬穿姫エクスエル (Zansenki Exuer), something they have wanted to do for while.

Since then, they have constantly posted character, system, and h-scene/CG updates over on their Ci-en page.

I have also created an English translation/patch for the demo version of 斬穿姫エクスエル (Zansenki Exuer), click here to download it!

GapTax also created a small CG pack for 斬穿姫エクスエル (Zansenki Exuer). These CGs don’t appear in the trial version, so If you’re interested, consider grabbing them.

Ways to Support GapTax 

Other than purchasing GapTax games, which are frequently discounted, over at DLsite, there are other ways to support them. if you are a fan of their games, and artwork, head over to Ci-en, Pixiv, or Twitter, let them know, and give them a follow!




And, if you can spare it, consider donating 500 yen (less than 5 dollars) a month on Ci-en to help them develop more games.

Tifa hentai by GapTax
Follow GapTax on Ci-en and Pixiv for more of their amazing artwork!

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