Japanese DLsite vs English DLsite

I have recommended several times in previous posts that you should purchase hentai through Japanese DLsite. In this short article, I’m going to measure Japanese DLsite vs English DLsite, and discuss the benefits of each.

Japanese DLsite vs English DLsite: English DLsite

The first benefit of using the English version of DLsite is it’s in English. While this may be the most obvious, it’s also the most significant. Being able to access the most comprehensive collection of hentai products in the world in your native language is very appealing.

Japanese DLsite vs English DLsite: Japanese DLsite

Japanese DLsite is, of course, in Japanese. Naturally, this makes it considerably more difficult for people who cannot understand it. Even worse, browser translations will not function correctly, as most of the writing is in an image format.

I have previously written a guide on how to register, navigate, and buy games on Japanese DLsite

Other than the language barrier, however, Japanese DLsite has several marked advantages.


While the prices between the two are generally converted accurately, give or take a cent or two, the actual purchase value is different.

Japanese vs English DLsite Price different

On Japanese DLsite, customers are given points, usually numbering around 10% of the purchase value, and these points can be used to fund future purchases. 

Meaning, customers can regain at least 10% of their money back on every purchase. There are several campaigns, and offers, where a customer can regain more than 10% of their purchase cost.

One point = One JPY.

Release dates

While the product range on both versions is generally the same, on any given day, Japanese DLsite has more products.

Japanese DLsite English DLsite different release dates

The main reason for this is that products are released a day or two later on English DLsite. Meaning Japnese DLsite has a few more days worth of products.


Japanese DLsite also distributes discount coupons regularly. These coupons can be acquired after purchasing an associated product, or randomly. 

Japanese DLsite discount coupons

I, personally, receive new coupons almost every other day.

Japanese DLsite is better than English DLsite

Japanese DLsite has a range of benefits that make it better than English DLsite: money back on every purchase, earlier release dates, and regularly distributed coupons. 

If you’re looking to build up your hentai library, be sure to register on Japanese DLsite and get everything you need from there!

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