Lilith [リリス] (Black Lilith, Anime Lilith), Pro/Doujin Hentai Game Specialists

Lilith is a professional hentai game, and goods, developer. They are most famous for their Taimanin series, though they have created numerous other games. 

They are a professional studio, however they are listed as a doujin creator on DLsite. 

hey released their first product, 人妻奴隷喫茶, over on DLsite, on October 11, 2003. 

It achieved awards for being the best-selling game of the day, week, month, and the best-selling game of the year. As the game was released in October, this means it was the best-selling game of the year, after only 2 months. 

To date, the game has sold 7286 copies, and has a user review score of 3.83/5.00. 

Since then, Lilith has vastly improved their artwork, which can be seen in their most recent games, including their Taimanin series.

対魔忍/Taimanin Series

The 対魔忍/Taimanin Series is Lilith’s most famous series, spanning several games, it even has a browser/social game.

They released their first game in the series, 対魔忍アサギ, on October 21, 2005.

It introduced the main heroine of the series, Asagi, her sister, Sakura, and the main villainess, Oboro. 

Later games in the series also introduced other characters, such as Yukikaze, and Murasaki. 

Black Lilith Taimanin Asagi Futanari Hentai Game Download

On DLsite, the game has sold 8115 copies to date. This ranks it their 12th highest-selling product out of their current selection of 132. The game did, however, have a physical launch, and was popular enough to have an English translation. 

Their later games, such as the game introducing Yukikaze, and the game introducing Murasaki, managed to sell more copies, though they were created much later.

To date, the game has a user review score of 4.13/5.00 over on DLsite, though it has a slightly lower score on others.

There are twelve different games in the series, and there is a possibility of remakes featuring animations.

You can see more of Lilith’s 対魔忍/Taimanin series, and other games, below:

Lilith also created several other, highly successful hentai games that had sequels and anime adaptions.

監獄戦艦 Series 

The 監獄戦艦 Series was another successful set of products created by Lilith.
The series features many hard hentai scenes, almost entirely male x female, drawn by カガミ (Kagami).

The first game in the series, the one in the video, was released on March 23, 2011. 

To date, it has sold 13316 copies, on DLsite alone.

It also received a user review score of 4.45/5.00, making it a very successful by most standards.

After the success of the first game, they released a second game on July 23, 2010, titled: 監獄戦艦2 ~要塞都市の洗脳改造~

The game featured more heroines, and was almost as successful as it’s predecessor, selling 9600 copies and receiving a review score of 4.45/5.00.

Around three years later, on October 25, 2013, Lilith released a remastered (or, complete) version, titled: 監獄戦艦2 完全版. It featured more scenarios, HCGs, and animations, including the function to switch the animations off.

To date, the remastered version has sold 3578 copies, and has achieved a user review score of 4.52/5.00. 

Combined with the original version, the second game in the series has managed to sell 13,178 copies, on DLsite alone, making it almost as successful as the first game.

Two months later, on Christmas Day 2013, Lilith released the third game in the series, titled: 監獄戦艦3~熱砂の洗脳航路~

The game was not as successful as its predecessors, selling 6830 copies on DLsite, to date, though it currently has a user review score of 4.51/5.00.

Other Lilith Hentai Games

While the 監獄戦艦 series and 対魔忍/Taimanin series were Lilith’s most successful games, they have created many other successful games. 

Though most of Lilith’s games typically have hentai scenes of the same genre/theme, there are some exceptions; such as:

Alternatively, check below for an up-to-date list of Lilith hentai games:

How to support Lilith [リリス]

Lilith are part of a professional group of companies that create more than just games – they also create anime, and JAVs, among other things. 

However, it is important to show companies what products you like. Financial incentives are what influences decisions that companies make, so a high-selling game would motivate them to create sequels, or games of a similar genre/theme.

However, companies also appreciate non-financial support, as it can let them know what their customer-base is interested in.

So, be sure to show your support through the links/channels below!


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