M勇クエスト1章 (M Hero Quest, Chapter 1)

M勇クエスト1章 (M Hero Quest, Chapter 1) is a 3D doujin hentai game currently being developed by 真鍮魂.

Though it is currently a work-in-progress, it has more than enough content to enjoy in its present state.

M勇クエスト M Hero Quest 3D hentai game download

M勇クエスト was initially released on August 25, 2019, and has been receiving content updates since its release. 

It has currently sold 2219 copies, to date, and has received a user review score of 4.34/5.00, making it somewhat successful for a work-in-progress. 

Storyline and Gameplay

Who cares? Nobody is buying a hentai game for the storyline.

The developer has even stated, on the product page, that the story can be ignored, making it perfect for people who despise games that make them play for an hour before providing any content.

What little story there is, exists solely to link the hentai scenes together and the gameplay is menu-based.

M勇クエスト Hentai Scenes and CG

The hentai scenes/CG are where M勇クエスト truly shines.
If you are a fan of femdom/M hentai content, this game will accommodate you very comfortably.

Losing battles is where most of the hentai scenes can be found.

There is a large selection of enemies the player can lose to, ranging from a dancing loli who strips to seduce you, to a domineering demon with a strap-on.

The hentai scenes that appear in towns differ from those that can be seen via battle. They are, generally, 100% seduction-themed, covering many different situations. Situations include: sisters who seduce you to get out of jail, a girl who drains your money in exchange for favors, and much more.

Where to get M勇クエスト and support development

M勇クエスト is currently in development, meaning it will only get better. 

If you want to see more content in the game, and support its development, you can follow the developer and purchase M勇クエスト through the links below:

Buy M勇クエスト on DLsite

Support them on Ci-en

Support them on Fantia

Follow them on Twitter

Follow them on Pixiv

If you like this game, or have any questions, send me a message on Twitter or leave a comment below!

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