PURPLE HAZE, Doujin Hentai CG Specialist

PURPLE HAZE is a doujin hentai CG specialist that has been active for over a decade. They have over 150 hentai CG sets in their product library, many of which are based on popular anime (such as Tier Harribel and Yoruichi, from Bleach). 

If an anime is popular, there is a high possibility they have created a hentai CG set based on it.

The artwork in their CG sets is generally comparable to what you would find in the source material.

PURPLE HAZE Ikkitousen Kanu Hentai CG set Download

They released their first product on DLsite, on December 20, 2009, titled: マーニャとピンクのレオタード.

It was one of the very few hentai manga products they released, selling 347 copies, and receiving a user review score of 4.2/5.00. Though it is not their best-selling product, written reviews did not offer any criticisms, only praise.

Following this, they released their first hentai CG set, 格闘娘狩り vol.1 ガーネット編. It currently has sold 635 copies, but sits at a review score of 3.98, which is slightly lower than their first product. 

Increased focus on the artwork/visuals may be one of the factors involved in the higher number of sales. However, a relatively low number of unique CGs, only 6, along with the male character being shown rather prominently, may have been the reasons for the lower review score. 

PURPLE HAZE has yet to have a product reach 1000 sales, though they have gotten very close. 

Many of their hentai CG sets feature characters from Bleach, Yoruichi and Harribel, to be more specific.

Tier Harribel Hentai CG Sets

They have released many Tier Harribel (Bleach) hentai CG sets, and they are some of their highest-selling products.  

Tier Harribel Bleach Hentai CG set download

Their Tier Harribel hentai CG set (pictured above) was released on July 5, 2012. It features Harribel in her normal clothes over 11 unique CGs – 31, including expression changes, etc.

It has sold 825 copies, and has a user review score of 4.40/5.00. 

Their other Tier Harribel hentai CG sets achieved similar review scores, and sales, making their Harribel CGs consistently satisfying. 

Below are links to their other Harribel hentai CG sets.

Following the trend of Bleach characters, with dark skin, hentai CG sets, they also made many Yoruichi hentai sets. 

 Yoruichi Hentai CG Sets

PURPLE HAZE has created many Yoruichi hentai CGs, which are short Yoruichi hentai stories with high-quality illustrations.

They have created many hentai CG sets featuring Yoruichi, covering a wide range of costumes. 

PURPLE HAZE Yoruichi Hentai CG set download

They released their first Yoruichi hentai CG set on June 12, 2012. It featured Yoruichi in her original costume. 

To date, it has sold 895 copies, making it one of their most popular hentai CG sets, with a user review score of 4.40/5.00.

They also created CG sets featuring another costume she wore in the anime, as well as many other cosplays.

You can find more Yoruichi hentai CG sets by PURPLE HAZE below:

Continuing with the trend of hentai with dark skin characters yet again, PURPLE HAZE created an entire series dedicated to them.

褐色LOVERS Series

The 褐色LOVERS hentai CG series, features several sets focusing on original tanned/dark skin characters.

They currently have nine products, all featuring different characters with different costumes.

PURPLE HAZE Sexy Dark Skin Hentai CG Set Download

The hentai CG set pictured above was their first product in the series, released on May 29, 2011. 

It has sold 935 copies, making it their highest-selling product to date, with a user review score of 4.29/5.00.

If you are a fan of tanned/dark skin character hentai, including tan lines, be sure to take a look at their other products below:

How to support PURPLE HAZE

PURPLE HAZE has been around for a long time. Their artwork has improved over the years and, most of the time, their artwork is incredibly similar to the source material. 

If you would like to see more hentai CG sets based on characters from popular anime and games, be sure to support them!





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