How to register, navigate, and buy games on Japanese DLsite

Throughout this website, there have been several cases where I have said to purchase games through Japanese DLsite, as opposed to the English/non-Japanese versions.

Why purchase through Japanese DLsite? 

When you purchase games through the Japanese version of DLsite, you are given multiple forms of discounts. 

One example is the coupons that are frequently distributed to registered members, usually offering a 10-15% discount. 

Another example is the point system. After purchasing a product on DLsite, you can then leave a review of the product – no writing needed – after which you are given points. These points directly work as money, with one point being valued at one Japanese yen. 

This means, with every purchase, you receive around 10% (or more) of your money back to use on more DLsite shopping. 

How to register on Japanese DLsite

Before buying anything, be sure to register. (Click the image below to open a new tab to DLsite Maniax).

同人誌、同人ゲーム、同人ソフトのダウンロードショップ - DLsite

Registering allows you to accumulate points and coupons, as well as access online storage, with all of your purchased products.

Below is a guide, with screenshots, on how to do this. I will be demonstrating by registering through DLsite Maniax because searches done on there will show results from pretty much all possible categories. As opposed to searches done on the DLsite pro side, which won’t show doujin products.

1) Head over to DLsite Maniax

DLsite Maniax

2) Click on the button in the top-right, 新規登録.

How to Navigate DLsite Maniax

3) Register using your social media accounts, or your email address. For this guide, I’ll be going through the email address route.
Enter your email address and click on the blue button.

How to Register on DLsite Maniax

4) Head over to your email inbox and, again, hit the blue button.

How to Register on DLsite Maniax

5) This is your basic account information page. For the username, unless you have some aversion to doing so, leave that as your email address. Input your desired password with 8-20 characters including one number, and then your date of birth (Y/M/D).

How to Register on DLsite Maniax

Congratulations, you now have an account on DLsite!

Basic navigation

If you aren’t logged in, log in by clicking on the ログイン button in the top-right, where you first clicked to register, then go to the home page by clicking on the DLsite logo. 

Check the image below for some basic translations of the things you need to know. 

How to navigate DLsite Maniax

For now, let’s try searching for Succubus Senki (click to open the Succubus Senki product page).

Navigating Product Pages

There should only be one result, so click on the picture and you should come to a page like the one below. 

How to Navigate DLsite Maniax, Succubus Senki

On your page, instead of the grayed-out button (view in browser) and the purple one (download), you should have a yellow-ish button to add it to your cart. Click on that, then click on the cart button in the top-right. 

As I already have Succubus Senki, I will be demonstrating with a manga about Hatate-chan and her stalking-masturbation tendencies. Hit the yellow button to proceed.

How to buy on DLsite Maniax

How to purchase, and add payment information

The top option is how many points you want to use, to reduce the cost, the second/middle one is to apply coupons, and the third is your payment information. Click on the white/gray button to the right to change your payment information, and add a card.

There are a number of options on this screen but, unless you live in Japan, the top one (credit card) is your only option.
Check the image below for a translation of the add/change card page.

How to add a card on DLsite Maniax

If you aren’t redirected back to the page you were on, go through your cart again to get there, then hit the yellow button to finalize your purchase.

After, you will have a page with the product, and a purple button on the right, to download it. Download your game, extract it, and enjoy!

サキュバス戦記 (Succubus Senki) English Patch

In case you did just purchase Succubus Senki, extract the files, and open the サキュバス戦記 folder.

Extract the 追加ボイス folder, go into the newly created folder, extract everything in there, and then jump into the newly created サキュバス戦記 folder. Go to Materials > then copy the voice folder.

Go back to your original/root サキュバス戦記 folder, go to the Materials folder and paste the voice folder there.

You now have voices.

For the English patch, go into the Succubus Senki English Patch folder, copy the Game and Data file, go back to the original/root folder, paste, and overwrite.

Congratulations, your copy of サキュバス戦記 (Succubus Senki) now has voices and an English patch applied.

How to get points/cashback

Head over to your Account page (the person icon in the top-right). 

On the left, you will see マイ評価. Click on that.

How to review and get points on DLsite Maniax

Hover over the star/rating you want to give, then click. It will tell you how many points you’ve gotten from doing so. The shown product (not a hentai/ecchi product), for example, I purchased for 385yen, and received 35points for my rating.

You can send feedback, or write a review/comment, and sometimes there are promotions where you can get more points for doing so. 

Thanks for reading

Thank you for taking the time to read through this, if you have any questions or problems with any of the steps in this process, leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Have fun shopping at DLsite, and if you need any suggestions, check out the Hentai Games Library page!

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