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There is a lot of ryona hentai floating around on the Internet, including anime, manga, and games. If you’ve read any other posts on this site, you’ve probably noticed ryona isn’t my thing. Catfight stuff, sure, but not ryona. Reverse ryona, however, is a very different story.

What is Reverse Ryona?

Ryona is hentai content with women getting beat up. Reverse ryona is women beating up men. Generally, there is a sexual part during, or following, the beat-down. 

What kind of Reverse Ryona Hentai is there?

The monster-girl/succubus games, and the BF/battle-fuck games, don’t fall into the “reverse ryona” category. The male character, while they may lose in combat, aren’t shown to have sustained a physical injury.

Most reverse ryona content generally originates from sports-related themes. Boxing, or some form of martial arts, is used most frequently. A male character fights against a female character, in a boxing or martial arts match, and loses. 

Following this, there may be some form of humiliation or femdom/M content. Though, sometimes, there can be humiliation during the fight.

A great example of a hentai game like this can be found in the Ultimate Fighting Girl series, by ボコボコ877 (Bokoboko877).  

Ultimate Fighting Girl Reverse Ryona Hentai Game Download

The game itself is very simple; you are in a ring, with a nearly-naked woman, and you have to fight her. She’ll use all sorts of dirty tricks and wrestling skills to beat you down.

The first game in the series was actually rated R-15, but the second game has actual hentai content. So if you’d prefer that, check out the game here.

There are many other hentai products out there, which have reverse ryona content, but they are mainly manga/CG sets. Other games are not rated as highly as the above games, neither have they sold as many copies.

One of the primary issues, which I have personally, is that a lot of reverse ryona content portrays the male characters quite prominently. 

Where to get Reverse Ryona Hentai

As with pretty much all Japanese hentai content, the majority of it is available over on DLsite

So if you want high-quality hentai, head over there and use the search term 逆リョナ in the search bar at the top.

Be sure to use the Japanese version of DLsite to get discount coupons, and points on every purchase. If you haven’t registered on Japanese DLsite yet, check out this guide.

If you like this genre, or want to know more about another genre, let me know in the comments below!

Also, if you’re interested in the game in the thumbnail of this article, click here to get it.

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