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Japanese Villainess Porn

We’ve all probably seen some sentai, or saw it in an anime, at some point. Heroes in different colored power-suits take on an evil society, monsters, etc. If you’re a westerner, and don’t know what sentai is; think Power Rangers. Every episode, a bad guy will appear, and the sentai heroes fight them off. But […]

Futanari NTR hentai

If you are into futa hentai, then futanari NTR hentai is possibly some of the best NTR hentai you can get.While finding futanari hentai isn’t too difficult, more specific tastes can be challenging to find. Futanari NTR hentai, in particular, can be hard to find. Different kinds of futanari NTR hentai There are three distinct […]

NTR Hentai

In hentai manga, NTR content is rather abundant. There are many NTR (netorare) Hentai manga out there covering a wide range of tastes. A variety of NTR hentai manga, and other contents, can be found out there covering a wide range of flavors, including; NTR sister hentai, milf NTR hentai, mother NTR hentai, and reverse […]

性覚少年アイル ~ 悪の女王の甘い罠 ~ & power struggle ~欲望だらけの国~

[性覚少年アイル ~ 悪の女王の甘い罠 ~] and [power struggle ~欲望だらけの国~] are two great games if you’re a fan of seduction, honeytrap, or reverse NTR hentai games. Seduction, or honeytrap, hentai games typically feature some form of hero, or someone in a position of power. That person is then seduced by an overtly sexy woman who tries to […]