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しゃーぷ , a Hentai Voice Specialist

しゃーぷ is a doujin creator specializing in the creation of hentai voice products. Many of their products focus heavily on seduction and M-oriented themes, and are very popular. Though しゃーぷ released their first product on July 7, 2017, it was actually a novel, not a hentai voice/onsei product.  They then proceeded to release two more products, one […]

M勇クエスト1章 (M Hero Quest, Chapter 1)

M勇クエスト1章 (M Hero Quest, Chapter 1) is a 3D doujin hentai game currently being developed by 真鍮魂. Though it is currently a work-in-progress, it has more than enough content to enjoy in its present state. M勇クエスト was initially released on August 25, 2019, and has been receiving content updates since its release.  It has currently sold […]

ネイティファス, a Doujin Hentai Voice/Onsei Specialist

 ネイティファス is a doujin hentai creator that specializes in the creation of hentai voice/onsei products. The overwhelming majority of their voice/onsei products are focused on seduction, geared towards fans of femdom/M hentai. ネイティファス currently have 69 completed products, however, their first one was created on November 17, 2010, titled 魔女の誘惑淫語. To date, it has sold […]

Prisoner Seduction Hentai Voice/onsei/ボイス/音声

Prisoner seduction hentai voice/ボイス/onsei/音声 products are a personal favorite, so today, I am going to introduce a number of them in this article. All of the hentai voice works below focus on the main character being outside the jail/prison, and the heroine being inside. The heroines then do everything they can to seduce the listener […]

Upcoming game by 色仕掛けまとめブログ (Irojikake Matome Blog), サキュバスデュエル 

On April 30, 2020, 色仕掛けまとめブログ (Irojikake Matome Blog) released more details on their upcoming title サキュバスデュエル (Succubus Duel), though the name may change in the future. They announced some of the details of the game, plus some images and a short video outlining how the game will play. Gameplay The game will follow a card-battle […]

ドライドリーム (Dry Dream), Doujin Hentai Game and Voice Developer

ドライドリーム (Dry Dream) is a doujin creator that distributes their products through online Japanese marketplaces, such as DLsite. They primarily create M/femdom hentai voice/audio products. Recently, however, they have started to develop hentai games of a similar nature. Their first release was a hentai voice product titled 腹黒彼女の甘い罠 on October 15, 2017. It tells the […]

性覚少年アイル ~ 悪の女王の甘い罠 ~ & power struggle ~欲望だらけの国~

[性覚少年アイル ~ 悪の女王の甘い罠 ~] and [power struggle ~欲望だらけの国~] are two great games if you’re a fan of seduction, honeytrap, or reverse NTR hentai games. Seduction, or honeytrap, hentai games typically feature some form of hero, or someone in a position of power. That person is then seduced by an overtly sexy woman who tries to […]

サキュバス戦記 (Succubus Senki)

サキュバス戦記 (Succubus Senki) is an excellent, and very lengthy, doujin hentai game by 色仕掛けまとめブログ (irojikake matome blog/seduction compilation blog), made with SRPG Maker.It is their very first commercial game release, and they put a LOT into it. Plus, it’s available in English. The Japanese and English versions are the same product/files, so you can get […]