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スウィートラズベリー (Sweet Strawberry), Doujin Hentai Game Developer

スウィートラズベリー (Sweet Strawberry) is a, relatively new, doujin hentai game developer specializing in femdom/M hentai. スウィートラズベリー (Sweet Strawberry) released their first hentai game, titled 100日調教師, on January 29, 2016. Unlike their later content, the game was a “training” simulator, with some animations. To date, it has sold 1178 copies, achieving a user review score of 4.03/5.00, […]

Level Drain Hentai

Level Drain hentai can typically found in games created by doujin hentai developers. Most of the time, they fall into a femdom/M genre in a fantasy setting. Many Level Drain hentai games also feature a lot of seduction themes. One of the most famous scenes out there is from one of the Monmusu/Monster Girl quest […]

Upcoming game by 色仕掛けまとめブログ (Irojikake Matome Blog), サキュバスデュエル 

On April 30, 2020, 色仕掛けまとめブログ (Irojikake Matome Blog) released more details on their upcoming title サキュバスデュエル (Succubus Duel), though the name may change in the future. They announced some of the details of the game, plus some images and a short video outlining how the game will play. Gameplay The game will follow a card-battle […]

askot, a Doujin Hentai Game Developer

askot is a doujin hentai game developer, primarily operating through DLsite, who has created several games, to date. The majority of their games focus on femdom/M themes, though there are some seduction/honeytrap ones, too. They are most famous for their Level Drain series, hentai games where the player can exchange, or lose, their level in […]

サキュバス戦記 (Succubus Senki)

サキュバス戦記 (Succubus Senki) is an excellent, and very lengthy, doujin hentai game by 色仕掛けまとめブログ (irojikake matome blog/seduction compilation blog), made with SRPG Maker.It is their very first commercial game release, and they put a LOT into it. Plus, it’s available in English. The Japanese and English versions are the same product/files, so you can get […]